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Originally Posted by Internet
I dont get to see as many Bulls games as I would like but do you think there is any chance that Tyrus gets starting minutes off PJ as the season goes on? Its just from the games I saw, Chandler would come off the pick and roll with Kirk and receive the perfect pass only to drop it with his puny little hands. I reckon Tyrus' athleticism could be deadly on the pick and roll with Kirk maybe.
I really hope he works out and doesnt bust or semi bust like chandler or curry.

Unless PJ plays so awful the fans start booing every time he steps on the court, I don't see TT getting the starting nod over him this year. PJ is the only guy over 6'9 right now, and we will need his height and defensive skills in the lineup as much as possible. He is also a good person to use in the pick and roll cuz he can either go to the basket or stop and pop that sweet jumper of his.
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