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Yep, made a thread on the other board.

I'll quote myself...


"No team will win anything signficant with Antoine Walker on it"

Herd alot of that...

Pat Riley has appeared to turn 'Toine into the epitomic role player.

There isn't a player(especially on this board) who is subject to more redicule than Antoine Walker...

But give the man props, he's done it the right way.

For the first time in his career, he's been doing the "little things", playing with the intanginables, and making the right plays..

And he's done that, at the most important time of the year, the NBA post-season.

He's been commited from day 1. From getting in the best shape in his career, from excepting a difficult role from the bench for the majority of the year etc etc..

And now, it looks like it's paid off.

Does he shed "cancerous chucker" label? Looks like it too me.
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