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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

Ok, I'm bored so I'm gonna go ahead and answer my own questions to get the discussion started...

Who do yall think will make the sweet 16?

Obviously it partially depends on the seeding but the teams I am very confident will make the Sweet 16 are UNC, Tenn, Memphis, UCLA, Kansas, Texas, dook, and Georgetown... My sleepers for the Sweet 16 that I think could make it depending on their bracket are Clemson, Maryland, Kansas State, and Vandy.

Who will get #1 seeds?
East- UNC or Tenn
South- Memphis
Midwest- Tenn or ACC champ
West- UCLA

If UNC wins out, then they deserve to take the East b/c of location. If the can't win out, then Tenn will take the East and either UNC or dook will probably be #1 in the Midwest. I don't really think UCLA deserves a #1 seed but if they win out and win the Pac-10, they will get it.

The interesting thing to look at is that if UCLA doesn't get a #1 seed, they will probably get a #2. Same goes for UNC and dook in the East (I assume either UNC or dook but not both will get a #1 seed). What I mean is that unless UNC or dook are #1 in the East, one will be the #2 in the East. Because of location, the crowd will be behind UCLA in the West and UNC or dook in the East; so I'd say it would be better for Tenn, for example, to be #1 in another bracket rather than being #1 in the East b/c, trust me, Charlotte will be painted a shade of blue if UNC or dook are #2 in the East.

Is Memphis overrated b/c of their weak conference?
I personally think yes. The Memphis-Tenn game was extremely ugly the other day. And while I think Memphis has as much talent as any team in the country, they don't get the same competition week in and week out that other big programs get. I'd say the same for Tenn but at least they have Vandy, Florida, and Kentucky. I think that they will make it to the Elite 8 but I don't think they have faced enough quality teams to be prepared to make a title run.

Can Tenn and dook make in deep in the tourney relying so much on the 3?

Tenn, yes. Dook, no. The reason being that Tenn is super athletic and, while they shoot a ton of 3s, many of their players are dangerous in many ways, not just the 3. And while Tenn isn't a huge team, they have much more size than dook. Also, dook has recently been exposed and while they will rebound, teams will focus on the wake forest and miami games to find ways to beat them.

And yes, dook beat UNC but UNC was playing terrible ball going into that game and they had just lost their starting PG 2 days prior and hadn't yet adjusted. Since that game, UNC has been dominant. And my argument on that game is this: What would the score have been if UNC had Lawson and dook was forced to start their 3rd string PG (whoever that might be) b/c both Paulus and Nolan Smith were injured? I don't think it's hard to argue that the game wouldn't have been close.

How much better is Carolina b/c of all the injuries?
Infinitely. Q Thomas and Alex Stepheson in particular have benefited tremendously from the injuries to Ty and Deon. Not only are they getting significantly more minutes, but observers can see how much more confident they are becoming. Instead of UNC fans and Roy I'm sure fearing what will happen when Ty needs a rest, we now know that Q can handle the load. In addition, we are now MUCH better in the half court. UNC was dependent on their transition offense for much of the season but with Lawson out, they have adapted and are running the offense to perfection and are moving without the ball. All in all, I wasn't very confident that UNC could go all the way 3-4 weeks ago b/c they just weren't playing that well, now I am extremely confident they are, at worst, a final four team.

Who should just shut up, K or Roy?
I think this has gone on too long and has gone way too far but I think K initiated something he didn't need to and should have just let it be after Roy's initial reaction. Instead he fired back. Thank goodness it's over but I do like that it adds more wood to the fire under the UNC-dook rivalry.

PS - Will Ferrell's comedy show stopped at the Dean Dome this weekend and, as Ron Burgundy, Ferrell interviewed Roy. Here is the classic exchange:

Ron Burgundy: I wouldn't be a respectful news anchor if I didn't bring this up. You and Coach K have been exchanging words lately. I don't know the best way to journalistically phrase this but... Coach K has been acting like a silly little b*tch lately hasn't he?

Roy: Well, I would never disagree with a honest reporter such as yourself.

Classic, imo.

And most importantly, who make it to the Final Four, the Championship game, and who wins it all? (Obviously dependent on the brackets)
Final Four: UNC, Kansas, UCLA, Texas
Finals: UNC vs Kansas
Champ: UNC (maybe it's my bias but you can't say it's a bad pick)

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