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Default Re: Kobe has 12 technicals...

Originally Posted by and1
arent technicals like 10.000$ ??
that a lot of cash dude

no, techs only cost $2000, serious dough, but nothing to most NBAers. Plus the money goes to the NBA cares fund, so it goes to a good deed.

But i thought he should have gotten at least 1 tech in the game vs. dallas, but the refs were letting them play physically, so maybe giving them a longer leash. plus the foul dampier gave kobe shoulda been a flagrant, but they let that go too. I think kobe gets into this regime where he goes tech crazy, last year he did the same thing around this time of the season. but he still has about 25 games left, hopefully he doesnt get 4 more t's before the playoffs, because then the count starts over, but instead of 16 and a suspension, i think it is only 11.
lets keep our fingers crossed the refs are as lenient the next few weeks with kobe, but he really needs to stop complaining, because it loses its appeal after seeing the replay of some of the calls he argues, like the fast break kidd stripped from behind, clean, no one touched him, he created a little contact with dirk, but kidd came from behind and got a hand on the top of the ball.
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