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Default Re: Bynums Late set-return date, PROS & CONS, and playoff prefrences..

as far as matchups are concerned a lot is really going to depend on how much momentum teams have at seasons end. It's still too early to tell. So much can change in 15 games, just look at the last 15 games:

1. HOU went from unbeatable to losing Yao and still being unbeatable to losing two in a row. The rest of the games will tell us how much to fear HOU.

2. PHX started 3-6 with Shaq and was left for dead, now they've ripped off 6 straight and are 1 game out of the WC lead.

3. DAL has a winning record with JKidd but are 0-6 vs winning teams. Can they fix that?

4. SA won 10 straight then lost 4 straight.

5. GS when they shoot lights out from distance, they are tough to beat, when they don't they shoot themselves right out of games.

6. NO, they have been pretty damn consistent, no team wants to see them in the playoffs.

7. UTA, Since the Korver trade have stepped it up even more.

8. LAL - looked unbeatable since the Gasol trade, then they forgot how to play defense, then Pau goes down.

When you take a good hard look at the 8 contenders you see 8 teams that would be 1-4 seeds in any other year. It's pick your poison really.
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