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Default Re: How about having Classic/Old school forum?

Originally Posted by 20 Dimes A Game
Any thread talking about older basketball or anything that raises a good debate on something other than player vs player usually gets bumped back pretty far or get infested with paper-thin troll posts.

I agree on the new forum. I'd want that, too, as well as an X's and O's forum. Like Psileas said, we have a sneaker and video game forum, why not these? Aside from Nuggets game threads, I've hardly been posting on ISH as much as I used to because there really aren't as many good topics that draw my attention. Mainly MVP talk, player vs player, etc. That only entertains some for so long. A forum to reiminisce on old school basketball and a forum for basketball X's and O's and fundamentals would be a great addition and would increase the intelligence of a lot of posters who don't know much about either one of those.
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