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Default Re: Medieval 2 total war/ Rome Total War

Originally Posted by ukballer
I have Medieval 2, but onlyplayed it for a very short time. My little laptop really struggled to handle the graphics engine on the game. Took close to 4-5 hours to finish some of the battles. I haven't played it since like November last year, don't really intend to either. If I had a PC or laptop with a good graphics card/memory I would have probably played it a lot more. It is fun, just the slowness for me was infuriating. Much as I hated the slowness, it won't drive me to buying a new one as I usually only use it for the internet. Most of my games are console ones.

you should try out Rome Total war. It ahs the same engine, has good graphics and you can play it on less-fortunate computes. It was made in 2004ish and takes place during roman times. Starts at 280bc
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