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Default First round playoff opponent…

Well I'm looking at the standings, and there are quite a few teams that are in position to end up at the 7th seed.

With 3 games remaining…

40-39 — Toronto Raptors
40-39 — Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers
41-38 — Washington Bullets/Wizards

What team would the Pistons favor to meet in the first round of the 2008 NBA Playoffs?

In the case of most fans, including myself, folks would like to see the Cavs and Washington face off! Washington is in position to maybe take home court from the Cavs or spiral down to the 7th seed and face us…

The 6 seed is a trip to Disney World where Cinderella may make it far in the dance… A trip to the Semi's would be a great success for the Raptors or the 76ers so these teams have alot of fight and will play these 3 final games with vigor (Toronto visits the Palace on Sunday LIVE on ABC at 1pm)
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