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Default who do you draft?

we now know the nugget's will likely be drafting at the #20 spot-

who is your pick at 20?

who in the entire draft do you feel is perfect for the nugs?

is trading up or down a possibility?

what is your perfect draft day for denver?

imo- derrick rose is unattainable, but is by far the #1 player most fitting denver's needs- adding rose would mean a dynasty in denver

- my second choice as a perfect future nug is - russel westbrook- 6-4 pg ucla- this guy will be a perfect nba point gaurd- his skills would perfectly match melo & jr and even would fit well w iverson-westbrook is extremley athletic and perfectly suited to the fast break game as a passer or a finisher

westbrook is imo the best defensive gaurd to come out in many drafts- the only rival athletically to rose imo- think more athletic gary payton, with no attitude at all- i love this guys "persona"?

if we stay at 20- to me it looks like there may be some quality nba players in the 20's- i would hope for

-alexis ajinca 7-1 c france
-or even joey dorsey 6-9 pf/c

a perfect draft day for denver for me-

* trade to pick 9ish and select westbrook
#20- ajinca
2nd rd- josh duncan sf/pf xavier

duncan imo may be a a steal in rd 2- linas klieza in boozers body
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