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Default Re: First gaming memories

Originally Posted by Mathius
I can trump that.

My first game I remember playing, was a Texas Instrument "computer". Actually, it was basically a keyboard that plugged into your t.v. I remember you somehow had to hook a cassette player up to it to play games. There was this mining game that was pretty fun back then. Hey, I was young.

My first "real" computer was an Apple II. My first PC was 9mhz and had a 1200baud modem and a CGA monitor, and I actually used the original Windows at one point, which I doubt any of you have actually seen before. (Do any of you even remember pre Windows98, Windows 3.1?)

Oh, and there was another Atari before 2600, but I don't recall the name of it. Had the original Mario Bros. which was before Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt which came with the Nintendo system (remember when system's actually came with a game? The NES came with 2.)


That's old school. Good to hear we have some good old fashion old schoolers around here. Lol, we thought colored, moving blocks were great graphics back then.
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