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Default Cavs/Wizards series thread

Post your thought on this series.

I'm gonna go with Cavs in 7. They don't have an answer for King James, who will have had a chance to rest and heal up. Wally has played a little bit better, and some of our older guys, like Z and Wallace will be fresh and ready to go, I feel.

The guy on Washington that worries me the most is Caron Butler. He has shown a lot of improvement over the past few years. Him, Arenas, and Jamison will get their points, but I like our matchup at the center spot, where I believe that Ilgauskas can really step it up. Haywood is an inconsistent, foul prone player. I hope Mike Brown can utilize this mismatch, because I believe we are much better equipped at this position.

I don't have a problem with the comments of some of the Wizards. Nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly banter. We have too many guys in the NBA who give the predictable quotes. Let them talk. Nothing Arenas/Stevenson say should be taken seriously anyway. Both guys are rather eccentric. I think LeBron will come out fired up, though. We have had their number the past 2 seasons in the postseason. Having LeBron, who is a far better player than any of the trio from Wash. and an advantage at the center spot will propel us to victory. We need more than just 1-2 people getting double digits in points, though. I think West has played very well and is capable of stepping up. I look for him to be an "x factor."
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