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Default My assessment on what happened from day 1

I for one did not believe this team would make the playoffs REGARDLESS OF WHO WAS RUNNING IT IF WE DIDN'T LEARN HOW TO DEFEND BETTER, I thought how we assembled this team from the captain on down was fraudulant.

Isaiah plan was let's lure LB by telling him we will make roster changes for him and we would bring in his kind of players and to sweeten the pot let's pay him 50 mil for 5 yrs.... HE CAN'T RESIST THAT COACHING IN HIS HOMETOWN in the worlds most famous arena.

Now what happen was Zeke couldn't or didn't want to change the roster the way Brown had intented him too. In turn this would by zeke another yr without getting fired as GM.
Isiah's plan be coach and GM of the knicks answering to no one but dolan whom he already has in his back pocket.

So Larry said ok, you wanna save face by hiring me and leaving me with veteran guys I can't use properly in my system, I'm gonna use as many rotations as possible to find out who can or will try to play my way because you and I (ISAIAH) are on two different pages and I want to see who will side with me, because I already know you have your boys on the roster who would run through a wall for you as GM)....but will they do it for me as ( the COACH).

This is what happen and fans took sides with Larry Brown or Isiah Thomas.

I'm now ready to say get rid of one or both and if they both stay get rid of Marbury and develop a new
captain who will listen to what the HEAD coach says not just the GM.

I for one will not spend another nickel on the knicks organization until they restore the dignity that is due to the city of NY and the fans who love the game of basketball there.

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