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You don't win a championship by trading away a bunch of players and then overloading on talent (the knicks approach), the players need to grow together as a group. This current group is beginning to gel, but their are odd players out like kenny thomas, hart, potapenko, and williamson. Im betting some of these guys will be involved in a significant trade at somepoint during the season, because at trade deadline time some talented player is bound to be available.

Kenny thomas makes 7 mill
Corliss makes 6.5mil
Potopenko makes 3.6mil
Hart makes 1.7 mill

hart, potopenko, and corliss all are expiring this year so thats almost 12 mill in expiring contracts thrown in thomas and we can afford to trade for a player or players for about 19 million (in relation to that, garnett makes 21 mill). Thats two mill more= garcia's salary. Im not saying the Kings will land garnett. But they have expiring contracts and a good big man (Thomas) two very attractive peices for teams looking to rebuild or get rid of a big star. I'm thinking, as usual, the Kings front office is going to whip out a monster blockbuster out of thin air and truly establish them selves.

BTW: Would Bonzi start if he signed with the Kings?

And one last thing, do you guys know how rep works,because I think us Kings fans should atleast give some for good posts, you know? hint hint lol
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