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Default why the nugs CAN'T trade nene

whenever i see nene brought up in a trade proposal i cringe

i believe that the reason the nuggets can not trade nene is that he could never get us anywhere near eqaul value in return- i understand his injury problems but so do other teams-

i understand that we have many "fans" that have only been around for about a year and a half, and to those people he may look like a non factor- imo the reality is that nene was, is, and will be one of the most important peices to this franchise- nene gives the nugs things that no other player we have or could get would give-

trading nene would be considered strictly a salary dump because no player or players that nene could be traded for hold a 10th of the value that a healthy nene holds to the nuggets franchise- imo with those kind of odds it is a no brainer that you have to take the gamble that he gives you nothing- its like deciding if you are willing to give up a pair of 2's for a straight flush draw- your pair of 2's will not win anything while a straight, a flush, or better yet the straight flush will turn you into a monster

as far as the wasted money argument, are any of those people remembering that kmart has played only 1 full season at twice the price of nene- im not saying kmart is a total waste of money but you sure can't say that he has earned the what 60? million hes been paid the last 3 years- also upgrading what boykins gave us to what iverson gives us cost 15-16 million on the cap- the 10 million dollars that nene is recieving is small potatoes compared to these 2 players- by far the biggest financial gamble on the nuggets is kenyon martin- this season was kmarts best season as a denver nugget but in no way does that mean he is likely to play another injury free season- imo if a salary dump was needed it would have to be kmart while he is healthy as it is never sure to be the case again- plus why do we care about the salary #, we wont be able to get below the cap again to be fa players, so wouldnt keeping the cap extended be a good thing for flexibility to make a big trade?

i have always believed that the nuggets will not be legit contenders until/if nene is our second best player- maybe this will never happen but i dont see any way that it wouldnt be worth the chance- a team built around melo and nene with jr as your #2 scorer has a chance to be a real force

i also still believe that nene's injury problems were in some ways brought on by some type of pri-madona or ego/ loss of confidence thing- i really believe that when kmart was brought in and nene was demoted to the bench that this effected him more than it should have- i think nene pictured himself in the same league as amare stoudimire(their head to head matchups prove that nene may be one of the only bigs in amare's league) and the shot to his ego when he realised the franchise didnt see him that way took a huge bit of his confidence away- i really believe his mental state had more to do with the injuries than most would think is possible- that first season that kmart was here you could see that something was just not right mentally or physically with nene and sure enough he went down with a knee injury right off the bat

basically im saying(and maybe its just a hunch) i believe nene will just almost flip the switch and become a force once he is placed back as the starting center(even with camby i consider nene the center)- i think he be healthy and a force when the organization demands and expects it from him

if the core of melo, nene, jr, and klieza is broken up i will be crushed- this teams future is still as bright as any team in the leagues, these four need to be built around instead of continuing to be added to despite them- to deal nene for me would take dirk and kidd with the mavs taking on iverson and kmart and i dont see anyone placing a high enough value on nene to take on those 2-
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