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Default Re: xbox 360 or ps3?

Originally Posted by bdreason
I went with PS3.

PS3 is 399 for the 40g. My package (SM3) came with 5 blu-ray dvd's, but there are probably different packages now. It also includes free internet play.

Last I looked XBox was like 349 for the 20g. You also have to pay 49 for internet play (398). Some packages come with multiple games.

I just think PS3 is a superior machine. Don't forget you're also getting a Blu-ray player. I'm currently playing GT5 Prologue (PS3 only) and loving it. This year is going to be the year when developers start really tapping into the power of the PS3 hardware.

I already made my argument clear why I won't buy either, but to add to what the poster above said, 40 gigs isn't going to be enough.

I have a subscription to Game Informer and they just did an article about how much space these new games are taking up.

The new Devil May Cry game, takes up the space of a regular DVD, 4.7 gigs. That's one game alone.

I can't find my copy of the rag, but I'd list the games and specs they put in there as far as what the new games are taking for memory.

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