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Default Re: What Do Nuggs Fans Think Of This Trade

bogut & mo williams for camby & klieza? no

i like bogut(and even mo williams a little bit) but imo this trade still isnt even close- not only would the bucks have to add their #1 pick in this years draft (#8-9) but they would have to add maybe another pick or picks (i would have to think about any deal that would land the nugs in the 5-10 range of this draft because of how dead set i am believing that russel westbrook is the perfect future nugget francise point gaurd) i would honestly trade 2 future first and 2 or 3 2nds for westbrook(or even 3 future firsts)

i dont want camby to be traded anywhere, but if he is traded i think it would have to be a move that helps the nuggets unload kmart or iverson or both-

there is no chance imo that camby & klieza are packaged together for anything short of dirk- or at worst an all star type player

klieza is the fourth(imo) member of the nuggets core for the future (who i believe should be nearly or just plain untouchable) and although i would put him in consideration in a trade before melo, nene,& jr i sure wouldnt let him go for bogut and a contract that the bucks are trying to now move

basically 2 of our 5 most valuble players for andrew bogut and a "decent" high priced gaurd- not a chance
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