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Default Re: Big Board of Top 115 NBA Draft Prospects, by Position, w/Analysis

deandre jordan is no where near nba ready, and doesn't have this "sky is the limit" potential that people associate him with. just cuz he looks like dwight howard doesn't mean he's going to be anything close to him. this kid couldn't even carry diop's bags.

eric gordon i wouldn't touch in the first twenty picks, i can't find a single skill he has that translates well to the nba.

if i had the first pick in the draft, it would be beasley unless i really needed a point guard.

the best player that will come out of this draft is jerryd bayless. thats just my opinion, but that kid is going to be special.

because players have to go one year in school, and a lot of people end up staying longer, the draft classes are going to be much more balanced i think. you'll see a lot more starters emerge from the second round than in the past.
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