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Default Re: Would you trade Melo and for who?

why is it seeming logical to people to put trade a player like jefferson who the nets want to trade anyway and one of 2 half decent second year players??

it is hard to pitch trades to other teams when you dont really understand their values of players- but please dont lowball us like that- use the nba or other teams board for that?- it just is anoying that anybody would think that players they want to get rid of could be traded for the best player someone else has ever had???

carmelo is one of the handful of best players in the league at his best, and realistically a trade for melo is not happeneing because the package would be too high- like d rose, david lee, j jeffries,j james(to cut) & 2 future 1sts from the nets wed need devin harris, nachbar, kristic, & 3 1sts - see how it would be impossile to get melo- but denver has the chips needed to move some of the players youve mentioned around- the thing is the list of players you get to pick from is iverson, camby, kmart, or najera, yakouba diawara,- and imo you should take into account that camby has been our team captain and 2nd best player for the last 6 years- we dont WANT to give him away

to the bulls guy- i think hinrich is perfect in denver- only hes perfect playing with melo, not on a team without- i still believe a trade could be made that involved the nugs and bulls that could help both teams- we could get you over 50 mill in expiring cap space for next year and the next

a blockbuster is needed between chic, den, new york, nj, milwauke, & seatle

mile high,how can you even try to use a "think back to before carmelo" (bc) argument AGAINST carmelo- do you remember bc?
i just cant figure out what you are thinking
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