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Default Re: The Official NBA '08 Draft Lottery Thread

Originally Posted by RobertSwift31
But who do you think will be the BPAs at #4. It seems like a clear top 2 and then a group of 4-6 depending on who you ask.

Yeah....Bayless would work. But he's not that much of a PG. So running that team? Eh. Seattle has Durant at the SG. He's going nowhere. You got Jeff Green at SF. Took him high last draft. You can explore C and PG. You think OJ Mayo can work as a PG? He wouldnt be a bad pick over Bayless. I like OJ more.

Thing is what Seattle needs...not much will be at 4. BPA might end up taking a player that plays a position where u just draft 2 guys in the top 5 last draft. Thats why I'd be all for a trade down or a trade....bring back some established players for a team lookin for a young talent.

BPA at 4 would be Lopez. But I dont see him there so OJ Mayo (he'd be 3 on my top 5 draft prospect list).
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