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Default Re: Denver will never win a championship under Karl!

It's just kind of depressing to see our great players wasting away some of their best years under Karl, I was kind of hoping for Carmelo to get traded just so that he could get some proper coaching and respect.

It is obvious from some of Karl's comments, like when he said he liked practice more than games, or when he said that the Nuggets were "maybe a top 15 team" that he is incapable of coaching a team.

But the main thing that REALLY gets me pissed off about Karl is how he said that we need to take the regular season more seriously so we can get a better first round matchup. Oh, great, so his goal is to get past the first round? What then? A loss in the second round? At this rate it's going to take him 20 years to get us to a western conference finals!
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