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Default Re: Derrick Rose NCAA TOURNEY STATS

Originally Posted by Dengness9
Yeah, Kansas should have won the NCAA chip, you are absolute joke Kaptain. Memphis choked like crazy missing free throws, and a prayer 3 by Chalmers got you to overtime for the win. But i don't wanna talk about that game, Kansas is homosexual along with all it's fan, someone like you that would jump on Hinrich's D if it were in front of you.

Memphis is full of NBA players. Well projected to be drafted this year in the first 2 rounds are 3 memphis players and 2 K-state players. You obviously cannot see how much better D Rose made every player on memphis look especially CDR, who won't even be drafted top 20, and Joey Dorsey who wouldn't of scored much if it werent for Rose setting up easy dunks and Oops.

Rose carried Memphis to the national championship game but all you can say is look at his team... thanks for more discrediting of Rose's game.

Memphis would of gone to the Sweet 16 without Rose. They were a solid team before they got Rose.


Game vs Texas last season.

National Championship.

Wow, how similar is that play, shot and outcome. Yeah, maybe clutch is the word you were looking for?

Maybe ill just go to your level, oooh get off Derrick Roses d*ck you don't know anything blah blah blah. Your arrogant as hell, you maybe could understand the fact that we are both Bulls fans, and maybe there is more than one idea on what we should do.
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