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Default Mutual Respect!

Hey everybody hows it going. Lately I've been feeling alot of hostility on this forum. This is the 1st basketball forum I've ever signed to, and it was alot of fun at 1st. We all would share our ideas with one another, and when we disagreed with something, we knew where to draw the line. I enjoy listening to other peoples ideas and negotiating basketball. But now it seems like people are taking verbal shots at each other and I'm a bit disgusted. I got 2 other forums I visit and both are more welcoming than this one. We have disagreements, but it never gets to the point of name calling or trying to expose someone. I dont want to have to leave the forum, i just want for everyone to get along. This is supposed to be fun, and it all starts with a mutual respect. I'm sorry if I offended someone, but I'm a child of GOD and its my job to keep the peace. I'm not really expecting any replies, but all are welcome. Thanks for reading my post.
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