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Default Re: Breaking down the Cavaliers player-by-player (Plain dealer article

Ok here's my views on the Cavs players:

LeBron: We need to keep him happy, no matter what. For every bad game he has, and every flaw he has, he's still the best thing to ever happen to our team and if he leaves we'll completely crumble. Just make the man happy

Big Z: To me he's the glue that keeps things together. He's been here longer than almost any player in the history of the team, and like the article noted his tip-ins are one of our most reliable means of scoring (which is sad). He's getting up there in age, but trading Z would definitely be a mistake. All the centers who would be upgrades from Z, aren't available, so trying to get a new center to replace him right now would be stupid. Best bet with the center position is to keep Z where he's at, and get a young center on the bench to start training to EVENTUALLY take Z's place

Daniel Gibson: I don't know if i'm the only person in Cleveland that thinks this, but i think people have waaaaaaayyyy too much faith in Gibson. He's a good 3 point shooter, yes, but people keep saying he can be our second scoring option which he simply can't be. People also insist he can start, which again he absolutely can't. Just leave him in the role he's been at: coming off the bench for some quick 3's

Ben Wallace: If we fake a player's death do they come off the books? Seriously maybe we can convince Ben to just go away for a few years til his contract is up...

Andy: Thank god he's overpaid cuz he's gonna be paying out his ass once the league starts fining players for flopping next year

Dee Brown: My pick for starting 2 guard until we can get LeBron a good sidekick. While he's not the best role player, I still have more faith in him than any of the other backup 2 guards on the team. His 3 point shot is decent and he can get to the basket some, which is more than i can say forrrr....

Sasha (what happened to Aleksandar?) Pavlovic: Go be injured somewhere

Delonte West: By FAR my favorite player that we got in the trade last year. I had never really seen him play since the Celtics were never on TV and neither was Seattle, but i was honestly very pleased with how he played, and of the 4 new players, he's the only one i really, really want to keep

Wally Sissurpiak: I really like Wally, and i wanted so bad for him to do good, but I don't think he ever developed the confidence he needed to really shine here. Hopefully he can find it somewhere else.

Joe Smith: I honestly don't care if he stays or goes. He was a good contributor, but not a unique one. In name, appearance and skills, he's just very generic.

Damon Jones and Eric Snow: RETIRE and be our new coaching staff please
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