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Default Re: This should be an interesting offseason.

while we all talk about rose or beasley... i think the first thing we really should be stressing is for paxson to make a plan.

let me start by saying, we have been trying to get a low post guy for sometime. we were never willing to overpay for one and we were never attractive enough to lure one (even a hometown kid, kg).

let me also say, we got a half court grind it coach. not the an open floor, run up and down coach.

now, if the plan is to run the floor, fine. take rose, hopefully tyrus can be a better chandler and ud have ur up and down game. i doubt you can get a legit low post in this offseason with our extras though. and i will say paul and company did lose.

now, if u want to run the half court game, fine. take beasley. whether he's at the 3 or 4. it makes other players expendable and we should trade away those assets to build better around our #1.

its great to have the best laid out plans, but those can change with a trade offer given to us this offseason. lets not forget how dreadful the lakers and the celtics looked at various points in the past calendar year.

a turnaround can happen in an instant. we just need to find the right combo. and with our 1.7% we have a lot of good parts. good luck paxson, luck opened the door and you have some real work to do. i hope ur good at the rubix cube.
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