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got off to a slow start but it was jus the opening we go.

Perimeter scorers are more valuable then a shut down perimeter defenders. Why you ask? Well for one How many guys are able to go out on the court and hit shots like nothing compared to good perimeter defenders? About equal but the part that makes the perimeter scorers more important is they can change the face of the game within a matter of seconds

Defensive players are a lot more don’t see many ron artests, bruce Bowens. Moreover, how many PGs do you see that are like kirk hinrich/Jason Kidd…

Don’t believe me? I have a name for you …Tracy McGrady. He can take the offensive load by himself and shoot over the best defenders the league has to offer. Lets remember back about a year ago when Houston was in a was behind in a big game and who comes to there rescue? Tracy McGrady . The man took control of the game because he can shoot from the perimeter at a high percentage and did it over one of the best perimeter defenders our game has to offer. He shook Bruce Bowen time and time again even forcing him to have a help defender to help every time (Tim Duncan/Tony Parker). So proving even the best can’t handle a great shooter. Tracy really opened up so many more options for players by hitting a few shots.

That is one situation. I have a counter example. Back in 2002, Kobe Bryant had an amazing streak of 40 point games (9 in a row)..then came some called Ron Artest who held Kobe to 17 or 19 points something like that and pacers won the game. Artest’s determination along with his tenacious perimeter defense was able to bug Kobe in every way.

Ok pretend the whole NBA had a mock draft and you could choose between any great perimeter defenders or shooters to have on your team. Any GM would take there great perimeter shooters first. Ray Allen or Bruce Bowen? Kobe Bryant or Raja Bell? Chauncey Billups or Steve Nash. I mean that basically what we are comparing.

Well ok, kobe Bryant going up against Raja bell isn’t a fair comparison. Kobe was all nba 1st defensive team and all nba 1st team while raja was on none. Steve nash is not a big time scorer but rather a prolific pure PG...ill give you ray ray over bowen but anyways if there is a draft held, players like kobe,bron,wade,tmac will be picked up first yes, but they do a lot more than score..they are all well any case scenario when you put up a well rounded player like kobe,tmac,bron against a one dimensional player in raja…of course any sane person would take the former.

Another reason why a great perimeter defender isn’t as important as a great shooter is because today’s game is more about team defense and not individual defense. Ask any of the great coaches. Look at the Phoenix Suns, they have one of the great perimeter defenders in Raja Bell, but can he stop the whole team by himself? Nope.

Raja cant stop a whole team by himself, but he can stop a perimeter scorer by himself. He gives Pheonix Suns a chance at a rebound and a fastbreak opportunity which they thrive on. True, that team defense is more important than individual defense but that’s not the argument here. Having a player that can shut down opposing players and play tough defense will provide for your team as a whole and makes it easier on your big men.

The most important fact on my side of the argument is the hand checking rule that is in place now. This rule enables players to swipe or rest one arm on a shooter while guarding making it much harder to stop shooters. That’s why you need good big man help defenders. Not so much great perimeter because even they are prown to getting snubbed by the new rule, making there defensive less of a importance. Man to Man defensive was much more important 8-10 years ago, but now it isn’t so much because it’s been learned through so many teams that if your frontcourt defenders aren’t great then you team won’t be a good defensive team. That’s why we see so many bad defensive teams today. Because of this, so in able to have a good defensive team you have to have good defenders all around not just one superior one

The handchecking rule that’s in place now actually favors my argument. By today’s rules, its a lot easier for a perimeter player to put up points…hell, there was 10 players last year averaging 25+ pts..all of them are perimeter oriented. The new rules make it so defenders are less favored, making it that much harder to find a tenacious hard nosed defensive player…

If any defender on a team is important it is the low post defenders or defenders in the paint. Look at the Pistons and what they did when Ben Wallace was peaking at his prime. Defense starts from the inside. If you have poor inside defenders then what’s the since in having a good perimeter defender. The Bulls proved that last year in the playoffs. Lets not just focus on the individual part of a player’s perimeter game but rather its affect on the team. A great perimeter defender gives your big men rest and lets the others sit back while the great perimeter defender stops the great shooter. That’s cool but back on the other side where’s the offense from this player? Is he worn out or is it that he just can’t plain shoot? Probably both. Sorry to say but history shows that great perimeter players don’t nearly amount as much on the offensive side as the defensive side. Bowen, Rodman, Debusschere all had a poor offensive game .They all had poor free throw shooting throw out there whole careers.

Players like rodman and bowen were key players in helping their respective teams to win. You talked about how it helps the team as a whole. When you have one dedicated player that plays hard tenacious defense and takes the role of guarding superstar players…your offensive players dont have to work as much thus being more effective. Moreover, a defensive player will disrupt passing lanes, create steals/blocks, change the tempo of the game and always gives your team that mental edge…opposition knows they will have a tough matchup and always has that certain player on their mind. you cant see this on the box score but its there..
Perimeter scorers are superstars. They are the ones that team pay big bucks for not great perimeter defenders. Teams are throwing large contracts to any player that can shoot the all. Guys like Bowen, Battier and A. Griffin not so much . Even a guy like say Josh Howard will get paid more because he is a good perimeter defender but he would get more if he developed a better perimeter game rather then perimeter defense

Perimeter scorers are superstars because most of them do more than score and because fans came to see points being scored anyways. They didn’t come to see someone D up and prevent points. Any championship team has a tenacious perimeter defender but nor every championship team has a big time perimeter scorer…see pistons, spurs

I think you're missing a point here...theres a difference between perimeter scorers and perimeter superstars. perimtere scorers solely score the ball in bunches and are less rounded. players like ray allen, jason richardson, michael redd..those are scorers. moreover, the league is full of average defenders or poor defenders, most of your points are suggesting that any defender will do...we're talkin about shut down defenders here

An important point here that I would like to discuss, perimeter scorers may seem more important than perimeter defenders but you have to realize players like guys like allen,jrich,redd and even guys like kobe,tmac,bron can score that much because there isn’t that many good perimeter players in the league. The league is lacking good perimeter defensive players and the handcheckin rule isn’t helping. you average swingman today gives you 22,23 pts..

You can still see the effects of the great perimeter defensive players today...ron artest carryin the kings on his back and pretty much causing havoc to any scorer he goes up against, bruce bowen give spurs a lift with his defense i.e. holding kobe to a bad FG%..etc. the problem is there aren’t that many good perimeter defensive players that we often forget how important defense really is and how rare…

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