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Again man, I want you to bring your top dogs into this but this is not a who wins..offensive player vs defensive player…this is who is more important to the team. In today’s game, there are sooo many players that can put up points that its really big no deal when kobe or tmac drop 40. so when it most counts, you will need to have a defensive player that can stand up to big time scorers and help your team.

perimeter many guys today can score the ball. alot of guys can, they are so abundant in the league today...many many players had a career yr last yr in terms of scoring. this increased trend in scoring results in making offense the main intangible of the game. puttin up points has become so common that there is no unique value to it...two teams can go at it all day long until someone messes up but when you insert a defesive minded player, one who is a shutdown perimeter player, all of a sudden, the opponents perimeter player faces issues...the whole offensive gameplan is disurbed, the game tempo/flow changes...all in favor of your team.

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