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Default Re: Of The Big Five...

The thing about what you're saying is that you're putting about 48 rebounds a game on Greg Oden. You can't just have one good rebounder and think it'll be ok. Greg Oden isn't going to pull down much more rebounds than Joel Przybilla did last season. The only reason he does is because he'll play more minutes but they'll probably average about the same amount of rebounds per 48 so basically saying it's ok because Greg is there and LMA can continue to get 4-6 rebounds a game is rediculous. I except 17-10 from LaMarcus and it's his fault that I have these expectations. Oden is the post so it's ok for LMA to step out? I think not. Oden is only beginning developement on his post game...basically what you're doing is adding more and more pressure on the shoulders of Oden. Now not only does he have to show up and have a monster rookie season so critics don't call him a bust and not only does he have to get Portland to the playoffs but now he has to take all the rebounding pressure and post offensive pressure? Thats too much for any rookie to handle. Also another thing with Aldridge becoming soft is it could eventually flood the locker room with that mind state as well much like what happened with Rasheed Wallace in the old days. If LMA regains the aggresiveness that he had in his rookie year and average what he's capable of averaging (17-20 PPG; 9-11 RPG) then I'll be happy. Drive those wide open lanes instead of taking the easy open 15 footer.
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