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Default Re: Raptors Roster Up to date...With Salaries

So you guys would choose a 1-dimensional guy who will only hit jumpers rather than more defense, athleticism and rebounding in the lineup? It really doesn't make sense to me since Parker and Calderon are already in the starting lineup and both will likely be firmly planted behind that 3pt line as well.

Moon isn't even that bad of a shooter. He finished with a 48.5 FG% last year and was actually a better mid-range shooter than Bosh (.419 > .406). He definitely does need to cut down on his 3pt attempts though.

IMO 2 pylons who stand around the 3pt line is enough, no need for another one with Kapono. Kapono shouldn't start on ANY team unless they are desperate for 3pt shooting since that is really the only thing that stands out about his game. The more defense and rebounding is what I like and I don't consider Moon to be totally inept on offense either.
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