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Default Bulls needs

#1 A Man in the middle. If not a center, then someone to play the 4 spot next to Chandler. When Curry was in Chicago it allowed Chandler to use his athleticism to get rebounds. Chandler is special when he is free to roam. Teams had to body up Curry and it made things easier for Chandler. Last year, Harrington, Allen, Songaila, or anyone else on the Bulls, did nothing to put fear on the opposition. All they had to do was push Chandler out and they had no one else to worry about. A few points from a big man would be huge. The Bulls are a jump shooting team. That's no secret. Points down low would open things up a bit. Draft: Aldridge, Thomas,Bargnani or Gray.. FA: Nene, Pryzbilla or Mohammed. Trade: Magloire or Gasol.

#2 A big guard. Ideally, Gordon would be able to defend NBA 2's. So far, he can't do it well. Someone 6'6"-6'7" who could play D would be perfect, if not to start, to be the third guard. If the guy can score, even better! Hinrich needs a break from guarding bigger players every game. He picks up Gordons slack. If they select someone like Roy, Gordon trade rumors will be on fire! Draft: Roy, Brewer, Collins,Sefolosha or Bobby Jones.. FA: Not much to choose from. Trade: Pietrus or my own personal favorite because he could be cheap and he's underrated....Delfino!

#3 Another Big man. They need one to start as I mentioned in option one, but they still need another big man coming off the bench. Foul trouble hurt the Bulls last year. Having a veteran or even a young big man coming off the bench would be necessary. Same options as in option one, but ad A Davis as a possibility in Free agency.
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