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Default Re: JO Determined To Be An All-Star Again.

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Jeff Hornacek was 1000 times better then Jason Kapono...come on.

1000 times better than Jason Kapono??? I can't agree with that.

Hornacek might be better, but not that much better, my point is only to draw comparison and I think Kapono has similar caliber/ability - shooting the three...

Also, Hornacek WAS better than Jason Kapono... during his final years and playoff seaons... I think Kapono can develop the same way.. with bosh JO and calderon playing significant minutes this comin' year

What about the year when the Rockets won? They only had Olajuwon and Cassell, the SF/SGs weren't superstars as well (mario elie, kenny smith?)

I guess my point is not all good teams have an mediocre SF/SG... an excellent perimeter shooter to complement is often the answer.

All-Star PG, PF and C would be sufficient to be a contender
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