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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by bokes15
I agree, I didn't say it's never been done, but what I did say to RapsFan is that in the past decade (basically from the time Jordan left and on), a dominant big or at least a very good big combination has been a large part of what it takes to win it all.

u bring up a good point, hence why i was never a fan of all the "the centre position is becoming extinct"

what my concern is that this JO Bosh thing doest turn out to be like the amare shaq duo in phoenix, they needed more inside presence they went and got shaq on the downside, now JO is younger, but he has been chronically injured, but i have more confidence in the raps pairing because i feel bosh is a better all round pf than amare but i find the situations a little similar, and almost same cost too!
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