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Originally Posted by BigTicket
Ever thought that the reason they are among civilians might be because that's what many of them were before you invaded their country ? It's not like they have any safe left bases to go too, where else would they be other than in towns and villages ?

First of all it's not their country, they took the area by force and no one elected them. 99% of that country lived in fear of the 1%(maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but by much). Second of all they aren't hiding in their towns and villages, they are not welcome in the majority of the places they hide in. They do this because they are relying on our goodwill towards Aphgan civilians and reluctance towards collateral damage. Their only home is the caves and trails, hopping back and forth *from Iran and Pakistan(tribal areas) where they are welcome.

What people like you don't seem to get is that you can't end terrorism by killing all the terrorists, that just breeds yet more hatred among those relatives and friends they left behind, you end terrorism by removing the reasons for commiting that terrorism.

Lol, ok, keep telling yourself that. That's why Canada who is about a non-aggressor as anyone just barely stopped 17 Islamics from blowing up the CN Tower and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Even France who is about the most Muslim loving countrys in Europe has had it's share of terrorist attacks. They have bigger fish to fry right now, but they will get around to everybody soon enough if they can. But keep sticking your head in the sand and saying they will leave you alone if you leave them alone. Just ignore that most terrorists fundamentally believe that if you do not convert to Islam, then you must die. I mean they couldn't really be talking about YOU right?

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