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Originally Posted by bigboi_baller
France is not a muslim loving country. You do not know what you are talking about. The idea of society being totally secular--the french opproach is totally anti-Islam. The muslim women of France are not allowed to wear veils as signs of modesty (not oppression). They were on the brink of a war inside France because of muslim youths who rebelled because they felt like they were being oppressed by the government.

Well you sound like you know more about the subject than I do but it does beg the question on why so many muslims immigrated to France and why they were allowed into the country in the first place if France was anti-Islam. And not being able to wear a veil hardly seems like something to provoke anarchy or terrorism. I mean if they want to express their faith can't they just go to a private school like here in the states?

Terror comes from hate which comes from violence. Violence begets violence.
Every time a terrorist dies, the other terrorist become more motivated.
Every time an innocent muslim dies, hundreds feel like they need to do something for the innocent man who died. They do not care about spreadin Islam, because what they are doing is not Islamic. These people want to get revenge on the "Scum" who killed their friend. They only call it a war on Christianity or Western World because the scum who killed their buddy was a Christian westerner; therefore, they categorize all westerns as being the violent killers of their innocent bretheren. Much like the way, many Americans blame all muslims for 9-11 and would like the kill them all.

I know a lot of Muslims say what the terrorists are doing, and violence in general, is not Islamic but I disagree that what radical muslims are doing is not done in the name of Islam(their interpretation). Frankly I think if they(radicals/terrorists) say that all non-Islamics must convert or die, that we should take them at their word and not let other people interpret or make excuses for them.
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