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Default Re: Jose Calderon thinks refs are a part of the reason why Spain lost

Originally Posted by SpaiN
Calderon has reason.

Spain is a better team that The United States. The USA is only physicist and talent but on it the basketball is not based only.

Spain plays better, if they had imposed the rules FIBA, Spain had won the game.

Who deny this does not know of basketball....

The American's beat the Spanish team soundly in the first match and beat them again in the final game. The Spanish team team did way to much whinning and complaining the whole game. The showed themselves to be bad loosers.

What calls went the American way versus what call's went the Spanish way?

You should both stop displaying your Spanish heritage and look at the game again. The Americans won, twice, and they deserved to win. The Spanish team played a good game, Fernadez, Rubio, the Gasol's, but they didn't win and the way the game was officiated did not play a factor in who won.

Who deny this does not know of basketball....
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