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Default Re: Bargnani Will Make or Break the Raptors!

The thing is, even if he does start playing well, the Raptors are still going to have to trade him eventually. Not a knock against the guy because if he starts playing well then great for him but Toronto was one of the worst teams he could've joined in terms of fit.

The Raptors will do everything possible to keep Bosh and they'll be able to offer him more money than anyone else. Chances are that he will stay. Bargnani's qualifying offer will be at $8.5 million so to keep him long term, they would have to pay him AT LEAST that amount. That's a lot to be paying for a bench player since he will never be able to play beside Bosh for extended periods of time (if O'Neal isn't back).

I don't hate Bargnani (like many people believe) but am just so frustrated with the mess that was created by taking him 1st overall. Him playing as poorly as he has doesn't help but the scouting on him was so far off (thinking he could be a C alongside Bosh).
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