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Default If Shaq loses championship...Was Buss right

So Shaq and the heat make the finals against the mavs and they are currently down 2-0

This can be a scare for laker fans because it says alot about Shaq's value compared to Kobe's.

Here is where i come from:

1. If shaq wins, this will be a rub in the face to our laker team and Kobe.

2. If Shaq loses, Shaq will never win one again and he will regret the day he demanded a trade.

Kobe is still young and many moves can be made for him to help us win a championship. But Shaq's days are numbered now and he isn't getting any younger.

If Shaq doesnt win, It will be embarrasing for the team considering the fact they have the most depth in the league right now:

Shaq, Walker, Haslem, Wade, Williams, Derek Anderson, Alonzo Mourning, Gary Payton.

What else do the heat need?

I don't know about you guys but I want Dallas to take it, with style too.

Dirk is a great player and is due for a championship sooner rather than later.

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