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Default Wilson Chandler?

I am going to try to win (we have monthly category competition) this month's Steals, and in 2 months, Rebounds... I picked up Posey for steals but he is inconsistent and now Peja is back, I dunno.... I am thinking of replacing him with Wilson Chandler who will secure the rebound title for me next month for sure. Dont u all think he will fit Dantoni's system, better, since he has been compared to a Marion type player? I still have K Love on the backburner in case he does well i his start today.

(10 player Yahoo Keeper League w/TO's)

#10 Amare Stoudemire (keeper from last year)
#11 Baron Davis
#27 Rashard Lewis (traded up 3 spots, wanted to make sure i get him)
#34 Jason Richardson (traded down 3 spots for above)
#50 Chris Kaman
#51 Andres Biedrins
#70 Brad Miller
#71 Randy Foye
#90 Manu Ginobili
#91 Derrick Rose
#110 (Rafer Alston) - Picked up Mario Chalmers instead
#111 Jameer Nelson
#130 (Chris Duhon) - Picked up James Posey instead
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