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Default Re: Should I do this Trade?

No, IMO.

Although Chauncey's value has slightly diminished in the eyes of many, Denver doesnt have the same desire to develop a young talent like Detroit did, meaning that Chauncey's job feels a lot more secure with the Nuggets, which I imagine will help him feel more comfortable. With the emergence of Nene and Carmelo scoring like a madman, Billups will be racking up assists and have opportunities to look for his own shot as well. He's still a top seven PG, meaning he has much more value than what you're getting back. Rip is still a solid SG, even though he's started slow when it comes to fg%. I'm going to assume you'd be dropping Lee, which isnt a horrible play, but I expect him to be better in the future once he gets more comfortable in D'Antoni's system.

Felton is not getting a lot of love from Larry Brown right now, and Augustin is in line to start getting more mins as he develops. Felton could be traded, but there's no guarantee what kind of value he'll have long-term. Salmons has been great in terms of value, but he could stand to lose some when Garcia comes back. JO had a nice game last night, but he doesnt look aggressive or motivated to give you the defensive stats people were counting on when they drafted him.

I say you're not getting close to enough back for Chauncey, and there isnt enough of a difference in Rip or Salmons to make this worth it, even throwing in JO for Lee or whoever.

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