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Default Do I need to make a move at this point or stay put?

10 team roto, standard 8 cats, no TOs

SG Gordon
G Mayo
SF Rashard
PF Jamison
F Beasley
C Boozer
C Okafor
Util Durant
Util ---

Marc Gasol
Tony Parker

Do I need to worry about dealing for assists or blocks or do I sit tight? Once healthy, Parker and Smoov step in a fill those cats decently while pushing Beasley to the bench.

First thought was to go after Nash while he's low. Thinking maybe Jamison and Udrih as an offer. Or should I go cheaper and deal Beasley for someone like Harris?

I could also go in another direction and look to get a block machine like Bynum and ride out assists for a while. Thoughts?
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