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Default Lookin for Advice from the informed NBA Fantasy Public

Here's the deal. I'm in a 10 team league. Standard scoring (t.o.'s and missed FT's work negatively). We can have 12 or 13 people on our squads. We get 8 starters (pg - c w/3 util's). As of last year we implemented provision that makes it a KEEPER LEAGUE (must keep 2).

Here's my problem (granted, a good problem to have). I won my league last year and I have what appears to be the biggest selection of potential keepers. That leaves me with a tough and important decision to make. I have narrowed a field of 5 potential keepers down to 3. Again, i have to keep only 2. Out of these three, who would you keep?

A. Kirelenko
K. Garnett
C. Paul

Amazing that C. Paul is on the list. What a great PG he was and will be. He's nasty and he made final 3 over R. Wallace and J. Johnson. Yeah, I had a decent squad!

So, I'm leaning towards C. Paul and K. Garnett. While Garnett had his "worst" [fantasy] season last year, he was still a monster and gives me no reason to drop him. And CP3 is just gonna get better. He boards, blocks, steals, scores, shoots for %, and doesn't throw the ball away more than some other worth-keeping PG's. Anyone disagree with this assessment?

It's tough to get rid of AK47, very tough. But he's a guaranteed injury nightmare. Its a given that he's not gonna play more than 68 games or so. Sure he's a producer fantasy wise when he's in, but he's not what he was 3 years ago. And I already have a top producer in the PF/SF position with K.G. It's looking like P. Gasol is the new AK47 for fantasy. Rasheed is just not as consistent with the numbers anymore because of the ridiculous Detroit roster - can't keep him. He's good and maybe I'll draft him again, but he's not a KEEPER on my squad. J. Johnson is an offensive monster, but we all know leages aren't just points. FG%, FT%, TO's and lack of stls make him not as attractive as my top 3.

Any thoughts? I had a NBA fanatic told me its between J.J. and KG or J.J. and CP3. He feels K.G. is just gonna get worse until he gets out of Minn. He thinks K.G. is ready for an injury to get ready for free agency. It's not like he has to prove anything in his free agency year. An interesting point....
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