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Talking IF possible, who would you want?

IF we could get another all star to play alongside KG, who would it be out of players whose names are being talked about in trades. not like lebron or kobe or wade, theyre not going anywhere, i mean like AI or pierce or marbury.

i would love to see iverson team up with KG. and dont give me the his attitude thing, b/c he's cleaned that up tremendously over the past two seasons. i think he and KG would be so determined to win that we would make a HUGE push for the playoffs.

maybe something like this:

minny trades:
Davis, Jaric, EG, and #6, and maybe another filler or cash

philly trades:
AI, and Dalembert (ive heard philly is looking to unload him)

then re-sign banks and draft a couple of bigs in the second round, like Pops.

this would be a dream come true, but thats what this thread is for.


good combo of scoring, and defense with the starting lineup and if u need pts in a hurry use huddy, AI, McCants, KG, and Blount.
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