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Default Magic very intriguing

I live in the Toronto area so obviously being a basketball fan the Raptors are my team. Very intrigued to see how they do this year.

However, one of the other teams that intrigues me are the Magic for several reasons. Howard and Darko. Wow! Young and talented. Could be the best future center and power forward combo in the NBA. Jameer Nelson; a great leader at PG. Grant Hill; hope he can get past his injury woes. Carlos Arroyo a good back-up PG. Orlando is on the rise. I am not totally convinced JJ Redick will be an impact player in the long-term but time will tell. If he proves me wrong that is fine. Trevor Ariza could be a rising player. They have some good veteren leadership with Hill, Bo Outlaw and Tony Battie. Turkgolu is a good player.

One thing that intrigues me is that several Magic players have something to prove. Darko to prove he deserved to be near the top of his draft class. He was ripped and criticized by many but worked hard this off-season. Grant Hill to prove that he can come back from injury and contribute. Jameer Nelson the little guy who dropped down in the draft even though he was the college player of the year to prove he should have been taken higher. Best thing Orlando did was get rid of Francis to give Nelson his due. Redick to prove he can be a good NBA player.

I have tickets to see the Magic against the Raptors early next year. Looking forward to the game.

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