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Default Terrell Owens Co-Writes A Children's Book.

T.O. Gets Childish By Authoring A Kids' Book

October 6, 2006 5:48 p.m. EST

Christopher Cornell

All Headline News Staff

Irving, TX (AHN) - Terrell Owens' antics have always seemed a bit childish, but now he's taking it to a whole different level. Former teammate Donovan McNabb called Owens' last autobiography a "children's book." Little did he know he wasn't far from the truth. Owens and a college classmate have co-written a book for kids entitled, "Little T Learns To Share."

The book is scheduled for publication in November by Dallas-based BenBella Books.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the book's main character, T, refuses to share his football, but then comes to the realization that it's hard to play football by yourself.

"I tried to play outside alone and throw it by myself, but football isn't football unless you play with someone else," Little T tells his mother in the book.

Owens and his friend from college, Courtney Parker, co-authored the book as part of "T.O.'s Timeout Series." The second volume will be entitled, "Little T Learns What Not to Say" and is due out in the spring of 2007.

"Little T Learns To Say I'm Sorry" is expected to hit shelves next fall.

Parker and Owens met during their freshman year at Tennessee-Chattanooga. Parker said the idea of the book was born when the two had a phone conversation in 2005. The discourse took place shortly after the Eagles released him last season. While the two chatted, Owens was watching a TV commentator ridicule him on television.

Parker talked to the Morning News about the circumstances surrounding the conversation.

"We're watching television and the commentator said, 'T.O.'s behavior is so childish,'" Parker told the newspaper. "And then [Owens] says, 'That's not a bad idea for a book. It should be about discipline since the world thinks I have none."
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