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Originally Posted by BradMiller52
Congrats Bigboi.

hateraid: Yeah we're going to make ISH the best bball forum on the net. Thanks man.

So, I'll keep posting Sac bee articles, we'll keep trolls like fabby davis away from now on, and that should be a good start. Don't want to overmod like real gm or even kings fans, that just pisses potential posters off and scares them away. Can't wait till the season starts, hopefully(and probably) we'll have even more activity by then, but our board is already pretty active and it's only been up like 3-4 months.
please dnt!!...congrads bro i knew u would of gotten it sumday....thought i was in the runnings aswell....big boi heads up bro..good luck n congrads go out to u guys did u guys kno u were mods??
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