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Default Re: what happend to nash?

So many people say that Steve Nash should never have any MVPs and he is a creation of D'Antoni. Well, so many people are idiots and deserve to lose access of computers and any other form of technology(mental experimenting is ok) for the rest of their lives. If these people got their eyes off of boxscores and onto an actual game, you would know that "Planet Orange" revolves around Steve Nash. The team is lost without him. 99 out of 100 times the Suns go up the court on the offensive end Steve Nash will have a role in it. No, he will not always get the bucket nor will he always get the assist, but he will generalize out the floor and create the play, this is why he is the best playmaker in the league and the second best PG in the league behind Chris Paul.

This is out of my article "Dear NBA Fans..." and it about sums this up.

He has never been a numbers guy, but he is one of the most productive(not including defense ofc) but like I said, he is the best playmaker in the league.
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