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Default Re: Amaré is voted All-Star Game starter

I've been following the Suns lately and I've no idea why Porter's interested in running the offense through Shaq. Shaq's supposedly making Amare better but that isn't happening. Sure, he's still unguardable, top 5 C in the league and all that but they should try to get Amare involved on the offensive end. Haven't seen much of the Nash-Amare pick and roll either. Amare clearly isn't motivated. I do blame him and Porter. Porter's coaching is subpar. Very questionable rotations and dumb plays. Plus, the team's transition D's pathetic. Shaq's too slow to get back. Nash isn't known for his D. So, they always end up giving a lotta fast break points.

If this goes on, Amare will definitely demand a trade. Perhaps, Dirk for Amare.
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