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Default Wolves Need A Pg

It all starts with the point. Look at Phoenix. We need a pass first, smart, and uptempo PG. Ok, so I know this is easier said then done.

Obviously the best in the business Nash is not going to happen. What would it cost to get Kidd in town? Another PG I've seen in person that is a pass first but can hit the clutch shots is Bibby in SAC.

If we can't afford a superstar there's a log jam of PG's in Portland, personally I love Jarret Jack's game. I also haven't lost hope in Telfair, YET.

If for some odd reason McHale stumbles upon this, PLEASE listen. It's easy take a look when we had a slow run-down near the end of his prime PG (Cassell) WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!!! It's not that hard. Take a look at the Playoffs this year, its not all about the Spurs, Dallas is good but beatable, its anyones game. One main piece like a PG that fits our needs and we're right back in the mix. You'll see KG happy and his same big time numbers and McCants hitting the open shot (and he was open plenty last year but b/c of RickyD and lack of PG it hurt his game)
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