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sean marks last year took i believe manu's underwear and threw it inside the hotel room fridge! ive also done that during a basketball tournament back in '97 at a ramada inn in houston, tx.
this one fat dude on our team would always leave his clothes lying around, and so my friend saw his underwear on the floor. we got some ice tongs and threw them in the tub...but then realized that was dumb because what if someone wanted to take a we took the wet underwear out and i saw the freezer so we threw it in. when we were leaving i realized we had left the underwear inside. me and my friend ran back to the room and the underwear was STUCK to the fridge! we had to get a bunch of hot water and defrost was like cardboard! we then threw it in the trash and ran out. haha

here is another one of our antics.
we went to albaquerque NM for a basketball tournament. we also went skiing and one of my friends was going fast down a hill, hit the ski patrol, and he twisted his knee. that night we ordered some pizza but realized we didnt have any soda, so me, and another guy decided to go down the street to a target to buy some soda. my friend who had twisted his knee wanted to come too. so he grabbed his crutches and we left. half way down his dumba$$ gets tired and says, carry me. i was like F that iam not carrying you. so my other friend that came with me, found a shopping cart and we threw his @ss in there and sent him down a hill! hahaha he didnt get hurt but he was screaming like a little b!!tch!

same tournament...we were all about to go to sleep because we had a game the next morning. it was about 1:30am when we get a call from another team saying they are throwing a party in room 112. these two idiots in my room get all excited. one goes to take a quick shower the other starts getting ready. me and another guy kept telling them they are dumb and should go back to sleep. they get ready and start walking around the hotel looking for this room...after about 30 minutes trying to find the room they go to the front office clerk and ask him where room 112 is. the clerk tells them this hotel only has 70 rooms! hahaha

ive got alot more, just cant think of them...if they come to me ill post them
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