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Default Re: All This Talent And Can't Win!

I think the problem lies within a few things.

Too many offensive players can be bad. Every team needs 3 go to guys in the starting lineup. We have 5. Nash can defer, but on this team should he?

Every team should have two role players that are a defensive stop in the middle and a defensive stop on the perimeter. We have Shaq in the middle who is adequate defensively, but he's getting older and not the stop he use to be. We have zero perimeter D. Shaq can only do so much. This team has no role players other than Hill and Lou. I'm not sure Hill should be a role player. He seems to be the only consistent player we have on both sides of the floor. We need players that play roles of defensive stoppers, rebounders and energy. We have plenty of scorers. We need players to accept their roles and play them to the fullest. EVery team needs a defensive stop, someone to crash the boards and someone that dives on the floor. We have Lou, that's it.

Front line isn't deep enough. Shaq and Amare play too many minutes. Not getting the rooks in there is a mistake. If we get zero from both of them, our starters will have dead legs come playoff time. If we can't get to the playoffs without fresh starters, we're done anyway so what does it matter. Get your rooks in there as much as possible. If the still suck next year, get rid of them. These two rooks were suppose to be our future. How can you tell what moves to make if you don't even give them a chance? They each should get ten min.a game. If you're not going to play them, send them to the D league. NOW.

Why can't the suns pound the ball in low early on in games, then run and gun when Shaq is on the bench? We should play Shaq ball for 28 min. and run and gun with Amare being the focal point for 20. It's not rocket science. Try something different, what they're doing isn't working.;
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