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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

We played some major basketball last night!! First off, let me tell you how much I hate it when both programs play on the same night..and the same darn time. It was rough!! With that being said, how about our UConn program?!!!??

The fellas stepped up big time when Jerome Dyson went down. BTW, I hope that JD is ok and nothing major happened. But te fellas stepped up and battled the Cuse in every fashion; hustle, phyiscal play, and the ever popular trash talking. Coach Calhoun was great!!!

The ladies. Awesome. Glad to see Tina Charles play great last night (thank God for streaming videos and CPTV). Maya this young lady smooth or what? Now I see and understand why the Lady Vols stopped playing us, we were going to be a dangerous team the next 2 years....and more.
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